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Trainade was created out of a simple conversation by its co-founders.

“What can we do to help give our athletes a competitive edge, how can we make them 1% better?”  

We've worked with elite-level athletes for years and at that level, a one percent difference can quite literally be the difference between first and fifth place. Competition is so tight that you can’t afford to not be on top of every aspect of your training and recovery.

We also know that athletes and people who are go-getters are always looking for that edge and that can leave them vulnerable to clever marketing. It should come as no surprise that 95% of supplements that you find in a store are largely useless, but they are marketed as the missing piece for your performance. That’s never sat well with us.

That’s why we created Trainade, to make sure our athletes had access to banned substance-tested, simple, scientifically backed, and most importantly, effective supplements that can help them get that one percent. That is why you won’t ever see a pre-workout, a fat burner or any other explosive strength enhancer because we know what really makes a difference to your training and recovery. We’ve demonstrated it with the best athletes in the world and it’s much simpler than you probably think.

That’s why we only have a small range of products in development because that’s all we need for our athletes to be one percent better every day. Scientifically backed, simple, and effective. That’s why we created Trainade, because that’s how we know you can become one percent better every day.