Welcome to Trainade, Australia’s best tasting hydration drink. Founded by Jordan Sullivan, The Fight Dietitian, an accredited nutritionist and dietitian, Trainade specializes in sport supplements designed to meet the unique needs of elite athletes, while tasting great. With a background in working with UFC world champions like Alexander Volkanovski, Leon Edwards, and Israel Adesanya, Jordan Sullivan saw firsthand the critical need for reliable, high-quality rehydration solutions.

In the intense world of combat sports, athletes often undergo rigorous weight-making processes that can leave them severely dehydrated. Jordan recognized the lack of effective rehydration drinks on the market and took it upon himself to fill this gap. Collaborating with leading hydration scientists, he developed a cutting-edge hydration formula specifically crafted to rapidly rehydrate the body. This innovation provides athletes with the competitive edge they need to perform at their peak.

The result of this pioneering work is Trainade Hydration, Australia's best-tasting hydration drink. Our formula is not only scientifically advanced but also delicious, making it the top choice for athletes and every-day people looking to optimize their recovery and performance.

At Trainade, we are driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to supporting athletes in achieving their goals by developing purpose driven products. Whether you're a professional competitor or an every-day fitness enthusiast, Trainade is here to help you stay at the top of your game.

Taste the difference with Trainade – Australia’s best tasting hydration drink.