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How does Trainade Hydration promote hydration more than typical Sports Drinks?

Trainade Hydration is what is known as a hypotonic solution, meaning it is less concentrated than the blood. Concentration is measured in osmolality, and the osmolality of the blood is typically 280-300mOsm/kg. Trainade Hydration has an Osmolality of 265mOsm/L.

Unlike traditional sports drinks that are isotonic or hypertonic (the same concentration or higher than blood), a hypotonic solution moves much more rapidly from gut to the blood and is then more rapidly absorbed by the cells, promoting faster hydration.

The lower carbohydrate level of Trainade Hydration (2-3% compared to 6-8% in Sports Drinks) allows for more rapid emptying of the fluid from the stomach for faster rehydration. This lower concentration of carbohydrate also causes less stomach and gastrointestinal discomfort compared to typical sports drinks.


Is Trainade banned substance tested?

Unlike many competing oral rehydration solutions that use combinations of artificial sweeteners, Trainade Hydration uses completely natural sweeteners in order to provide its great taste.

Trainade Hydration utilises Monk Fruit (Siraitia Grosvenorii), a natural fruit native to Southeast Asia and Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana), a natural plant native to parts of South America to sweeten our beverage to help support your hydration needs. These sweeteners are both calorie free.


Is Trainade Hydration vegan friendly?

Yes, Trainade Hydration was specifically formulated with ingredients to ensure that it was suitable for vegetarians and vegans to consume.


Is Trainade Hydration gluten and dairy free?

Trainade Hydration does not contain any gluten or dairy (including lactose).


Is Trainade Hydration suitable for diabetics?

Trainade Hydration is an Oral Rehydration Solution designed to restore fluid and electrolyte balance and as such the formula requires a small amount of carbohydrate to optimise the bodies rehydration process.

Although the amount of carbohydrate is small (3.75g per scoop), it is recommended that Diabetics consult their Healthcare Provider to assess the individual suitability of Trainade Hydration within their overall dietary protocol.


What is the most Trainade Hydration I can consume in one day?

The maximum daily dose is 20 scoops (10 serves). If you are concerned about the amount of total sodium in your diet and the potential health implications, please consult your Healthcare provider for individual assessment.


Is Trainade Hydration suitable for recovering from a hangover?

Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a state of dehydration. Trainade Hydration helps restore body electrolyte balance and relieve the symptoms of dehydration.