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How To Use Trainade

Trainade Hydration has been designed to be dosed to cater for a variety of hydration needs. Whether you are looking to optimise performance, enhance recovery, or enjoy the benefits of good hydration throughout the day, Trainade Hydration can be dosed to suit your needs.

Athletic Hydration

Consume 2 scoops of Trainade Hydration in 500ml of water before, during and after exercise. Continue to replace 125-150% of the total fluid lost during exercise on top of your estimated daily intake. 

Everyday Hydration

To maximise your hydration during your day, consume 2 scoops of Trainade Hydration with 500ml of water in the morning and after physical activity, Continue to consume fluids until you meet your individual fluid intake requirements.

Recovering from Rapid Weight Loss

For weight-category sport athletes (combat athletes, powerlifters, jockeys, rowers, sailors) who have completed a rapid weight loss via dehydration the following recommendations apply. Consume 4 scoops of Trainade Hydration with 500ml and consume 1.5x fluid than what was lost during the final dehydration phase. For example; 2.5kg lost through sweating then consume a total of 3.75L of fluid at a rate of 1L per hour.