What are the best foods to help promote hydration?

While water itself is a great way to keep oneself hydrated, many people complain. that drinking water is simply boring! While water intake does contribute to 80% of our fluid intake, 20% of our fluid intake tends to come from our food; thus, food intake is an important way to maintain our hydration throughout the day. 

Another thing people tend to forget is that hydration is not just water; it is a combination of water and electrolytes. Electroytes include; potassium, magnesium, chloride, phosphate, and sodium and these need to be regularly consumed as part of our diet. The need for hydration with both water and electrolytes is especially important if you engage in an activity that causes you to sweat excessively thus losing these electrolytes through your training. 

Here we have listed below the best foods to incorporate into your diet to help increase your hydration and get back in those important electrolytes. 


Eating watermelon is not only a great low calorie snack it is full of water and high in electrolytes. A great way to have it is to throw it into a blender with some ice for a quick and great watermelon slushie, which also helps cool your body before or after training. 


You might have come across the celery juice trend, and although we won't tell you to have celery juice to lose weight, it can be a great source of electrolytes. Celery is high in sodium and potassium, so a juice before or after a workout is a great way to get some electrolytes in your body.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is especially high in potassium. One thing to know about potassium is that it has been shown in clinical studies to lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and help with cramping. Generally, bananas are high in potassium, but you can find equal amounts with more fluid in coconut water. Combine the two to make a smoothie to get a potassium super shake!

Citrus fruits

This includes fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. Getting some citrus in is always a great idea. However, rather than going for a store-bought juice that is high in processed sugar, it can be better to opt for some hand-squeezed, fresh juice. One great way to have lemons is to make your homemade lemonade with a little bit of your sweetener of choice, which can be a great hydrating beverage throughout the day. 


Bell peppers

Whether red, orange, yellow, or green, all kinds are very high in electrolytes. Though usually this is said about citrus fruits, bell peppers are one of the most vitamin C-rich foods on the planet. So if you want to support your body’s collagen production and stay hydrated at the same time, this is your go-to.

A great way to have them is to dip them in some guacamole or homemade hummus. 


Cucumber is an extremely refreshing and convenient on the go snack. Cucumber is high in electrolytes and high in Silica which is known to strengthen collagen, great for your skin, hair, and nails.

What are some of your favourite hydrating foods and how do you like to eat them?


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