Whether you are planning on taking on your first 5km run, conquer it weekly, or are training for your first big event, being on top of your hydration is critical to ensure that you are at your best.


Although hydration can often take a back seat in 5km runs, properly being able to hydrate will ensure that your body can perform optimally, help you stay energized throughout the run, and prevent any potential dehydration after the event.



 Hydrate in Advance


Drinking fluid during a run can be challenging. Because of this, making sure that you are appropriately hydrating before the run is a great way to prevent any dips in performance or  dehydration after the event.


A good rule of thumb is to sip on an electrolyte solution before the run. Your body is able to absorb roughly 1L of fluid every hour, so by sipping on fluid frequently, you are giving yourself the best chance to hydrate as effectively as possible.


For more information around checking if you are adequately hydrated, check out our previous blog on the WUT principle.


Hydrate During the Run


As stated before, drinking during the run can be a challenge. If you have not practiced drinking during a run, it can be difficult to do adequately. Although ideally you would want to replace all fluid lost during your run with an electrolyte solution during the event, being able to sip on water whenever it is possible and comfortable for you is a great start! For those who are well trained, consider finding out your sweat rate so that you know how much fluid you should have during the event.


Hydrate After the Run


After finishing your event, replenishing with fluids is a great way to kick start your body’s recovery process and avoid any dehydration. Sipping on fluids as soon as the event is done is a great way to rehydrate quickly. For those who are looking to optimise rehydration, looking at sweat rate as previously stated and drinking any fluid you missed during the run is ideal. Once you have rehydrated, understanding the WUT principle is a great way to ensure that you are not dehydrated for the rest of the day.


By prioritizing hydration and following these guidelines, you can perform at your best, maintain energy levels, and avoid the negative effects of dehydration during and after your 5km run or any endurance event!


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