With the holiday period coming up, it’s likely that you or someone you know is ready to take off and fly somewhere to visit family, friends, or to travel. Although there is nothing better than spending the holidays exploring or with people you know, one problems that comes up over and over again is the feeling of sluggishness, fatigue, and mental exhaustion when flying over, or when reaching your destination.

Although there are factors such as how often you are moving on the plane or how your sleep is, a big part of the problem is hydration.

By following the following tips, you may be able to save yourself some trouble and get to your destination feeling just as good as you were before getting on the flight!

Before the Flight

Pre-flight hydration is arguably the most important part of the journey. This is because starting out adequately hydrated can make a big difference by making sure you aren’t fighting an uphill battle. If you are already somewhat dehydrated by the time you get on the plane, it will be significantly harder to stay hydrated. 

In order to stay hydrated leading up to your flight, it is best to sip on water throughout the morning or your time at the airport. The body can absorb roughly 1L of water per hour so by sipping on water at this rate, you can make sure you are as hydrated as possible. 

Another method of making sure your body is hydrating as effectively as possible is by using an electrolyte supplementation. This will ensure your electrolyte to water ratio is adequate for the flight.

On the Flight

Staying hydrated on the flight is challenging. Often, very little water is given to you during the flight. On top of this, its common that people will prefer to not drink as much water so that they don’t have to go to the bathroom as often.

Some considerations here is to bring your own water bottle if possible. Although some airlines will not allow you to bring water on to the flight, if you have the opportunity, take it.

If you are concerned about having to get up and go to the bathroom throughout the flight, try sipping on the water slowly throughout the flight in order to ensure that as much of the water as possible is absorbed. In addition to this, electrolyte supplements will also help with maximising absorption.

Once you land 

Once you’ve landed, making sure you go about your normal drinking routine is a great way to stay hydrated and get used to the new time zone. Sipping on water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and feeling good for your trip!


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